The 60 bed Tanta Branch was opened in 2015 to ease the burden on the main Hospital in Cairo and to cater to the needs of patients in the Delta Region.

We chose the city of Tanta as a strategic location for its closeness to the main branch in Cairo and for serving many of the Delta governorates at the same time.

Internally, with respect to design, finishing works and furnishings, the new branch is a replica of the main Cairo Hospital with the integration of the last 10 years’ advances in healthcare design. It offers patients the same cozy comfortable family-centered up to date setting for receiving quality care and treatment.

Also, to ensure the same quality of services provided by Tanta, the operations of the new branch had to be totally integrated to and in synchronization with the mother Hospital, through cerner’s IT system. Moreover, they are relying on the most efficient companies for enabling strong connectivity children’s treatment. Cerner’s informatics system enables all the administration of treatment sessions to patients in the two branches. In case there was patients data and diagnostic tests to be available to everyone in both Cairo and Tanta branches, to facilitate no room for a patient in Cairo branch to take his session between the Hospital in Cairo and the branch in Tanta. Similarly as in the Cairo branch, using Cerner in Tanta enables us to build an accurate realistic database that we could rely on in all the steps of our, an equipped vehicle would transfer the patient to Tanta to take his treatment on time.

Experienced oncology consultants from Cairo are found in Tanta branch on a daily basis.Every area and mode of operations in Tanta have been duplicated on the model of the Cairo Hospital but on a smaller scale: the same kitchen divisions and procedures have been maintained and the same company ensuring housekeeping and sanitation has been retained.

For all of the above, Tanta branch is considered the seventh floor of 57357-Cairo and as vital as the other six floors of the main Hospital.

A contract with Orascom Construction Company was set-up in 2010 to establish the project. The branch was opened for operations on 20/1/2015 while the official opening in attendance of Eng. Ibrahim Mehleb, former prime minister, was on 19/5/2015.

Before the opening the workers received training in the main branch. Some cadres from Cairo branch were transferred to tanta as they live in the Central Delta area, which consolidated the start of operations.
  • Dr. Sherif Abuel Naga The Hospital’s General Manager and Executive Director of 57357 group
  • Dr. Mohammed Fawzi Technical Director of the Hospital / Deputy General Manager for medical and pharmaceutical affairs
  • Dr. Asem Ghalab Deputy General Manager of operation and quality
  • Ms. Mona Saqr Deputy General Manager for nursing affairs
Medical Services
  • Anesthesia and Pain Management
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Triage Department
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Medical Social Service
  • Clinical Nutrition including vitamin D clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Psychiatry
  • Day Care Unit
  • In-patients Department
  • Sterilization Department
  • Interdepartmental Procedures Department
  • Surgeries Department
  • Infection Control Department
  • Medical Records
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Blood Components Unit
  • Pediatric Oncology Department
  • Oncology Surgery Department
  • Emergency Department
  • Out-patient clinics
  • Specialized clinics
  • After healing clinic
  • Palliative Clinics
Non- medical services
  • Safety and occupational health
  • Security
  • Engineering and maintenance services
  • Hotel services (room service – laundry – cleaning)
  • Admission office
  • Patients’ relations department
  • Public relations department
  • Continuous performance improvement department
  • Education and training department
  • Hotel services: kitchen
Ground Floor
  • Reception (Admission office- Patients’ relations)
  • Public Relations Office
  • CIB Bank
  • Triage (Emergency Clinic)
  • Vitamin D clinic
  • Out-patient clinics
  • Social Workers Office
  • Registrar
  • Kitchen
Triage (Emergency Clinic)
  • Operates 24/7
  • The clinic caters to emergency cases, conducting first-aid procedures and up-dating patients’ records using Cerner’s information system for both Tanta and Cairo patients.
  • In the event of dealing with a Cairo Hospital case which would be eventually transferred to Cairo, the necessary first-aid procedures are carried out and contact is established with Cairo to inform them of the imminent transfer of the case with ambulance.
Out-patient Clinics – Opened Sunday through Thursday from 8 am to 4pm. – Equipped with 5 clinics for receiving new cases and following-up on previously admitted ones. – A physician consultant from Cairo’s main Hospital is available daily   Laboratory
  • Operating 24/7
  • Enabled to perform all kinds of tests including kidney and liver functions
Second Floor
  • Administration
  • IT- Data Center
  • HR- Accounting
  • Day-Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Operating 24/7

Third Floor
  • Intensive care Unit (ICU)
  • Operating room (OR)
  • Sterilization
  • Laboratory
Operating Rooms
  • Fully equipped operating theatre, step-down unit, preparation room.
  • The OR is equipped to perform all kinds of surgical operations except brain tumor surgeries in addition to bone marrow transplantation – back needles – chemotherapy injections – biopsy

Fourth Floor
  • In-patient Section
  • Play-room
  • Multi-specialty clinics
  • Radiology room
  • Continuous Education Room
  • Pharmacy room

Fifth Floor
  • Laundry room
  • Control room
  • To make it easier for children and their families if they need to be transferred between the two branches, 57357 offers vehicles to provide this service for free.
  • The branch also offers well equipped ambulance cars through a collaboration protocol with the Egyptian Ambulance Authority.
  • Similar to the main branch in Cairo, a clinic for vitamin D testing and deficiency management was set up.

Coming Soon

A window to the future, a new area of 1500 square meters divided on a number of floors to allow the accommodation of more children. The new expansions will offer double the current number of beds, more area for intensive care, more advanced services in imaging including PET CT equipment and equipped training space.
  • Hospital 57357 Tanta welcomes cases after initial check in Cairo in the building of the Egyptian Pediatric Association, located behind the Hospital (1 Alfostat street) before 9:45 am
  • Cases living in the governorates surrounding the Delta are transferred to Hospital 57357 Tanta to make it easier for cases and their families
  • The Hospital receives all cases of pediatric cancer, from the age of one day to 18 years except for blood, brain and nerves tumors

Telephone: 19057 Or 02 25351500

Extension Numbers:
  • Emergency Room   4205
  • Admission Office    4200
  • Patient Relations    4219
  • Medical Social Services   4206
  • Public Relations and Donations   4218

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