The Egyptian Women’s Association in Australia provides its annual donation to 57357’s children

The Egyptian Women’s Association in Australia provides its annual donation to 57357’s children

Our faithful charity partners from the Egyptian Woman Association in Australia are always keen to visit the Hospital twice a year to deliver donations. The Hospital welcomed Mr. Safwat Albanna, husband of Mrs. Hoda Albanna, director of the Association who toured the Hospital’s different departments and praised the quality free service provided by the Hospital. The guest was welcomed by the Executive director of 57357 group and Mrs. Myra Doss, head of the publication department to whom he delivered the donation check.

On his facebook page Mr. Albanna wrote:

During  my  visit to the hospital premises I met Prof. Dr, Sherif Abouel Naga, 57357’s CEO to deliver the Association’s check. The visit was a surprise for me as I did not expect to see such a great hospital and the great number of Egyptians who accompanied their children with cancer. Children from all walks of life are receiving high quality free services without discrimination in one of the biggest hospitals in the world. I toured the Hospital’s departments and witnessed how children and their families are being treated. I saw the latest equipment in the world and how everything is being managed with high sense of responsibility. I saw how they prepare food for the children and their accompanying parent with outstanding care, how they entertain the children and how they give them the chance to develop their talents. I spent more than an hour in the art therapy workshop where children learn drawing and hand crafts. I was dazzled by the dignified manner the Hospital management were treating children and their families, caring for them with compassion and respect. I sensed a great deal of mercy and passion to preserve life. I am inviting those who criticize this Hospital to visit it to see for themselves the great Hospital and the humanitarian treatment.

It is noteworthy that throughout 22 years, the Egyptian Women’s Assocaition in Australia  pursued to support to Egypt’s children with cancer by sending generous donations twice a year. The Association was founded by Mrs. Rose Sorial who believes that every child has the right to receive the best medical care. The beginning of the Association’s charity journey was in 1997 when they made a generous donation to the children’s cancer department at the National Cancer Institute, NCI, where Dr. Abouel Naga was the head of the department. Dr. Abouel Naga was the first among those who thought to establish a hospital specialized in children’s cancer. Since then the Association’s donations and support didn’t stop, first to the NCI, then, they contributed in founding the largest children’s cancer hospital in the world, and recently they  in funding 57357’s expansion project to enable the Hospital to serve a bigger number of children with cancer and grant them the best healthcare. The Association which is one of 57357’s faithful charity partner, is committed to sustaining their support because of their strong belief  in the Hospital’s mission and its humanitarian action. They are proud of the Hospital’s achievements and invite their families and friends in Australia to support Egypt’s children with cancer through the hospital.

Our gratitude for your continuous support and your love for our children, despite being away from your home land, your hearts are embracing our children. With your support we will pursue our journey to realize our children’s dreams of cure.