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Corporate Outreach Department

Workers in the state sector, private companies and factories represent an important population of charity partners who support 57357’s children’s treatment journey. Reaching out to them is is one of the channels through which we can ensure a continuous support to our children. Through frequent visits, cooperation protocols and awareness campaigns provided to companies and factories employees, we maintain continuous communication channels through which each worker can provide support to our children either individually or through collective donation programs set up to give the chance to the biggest possible number of employees to support our cause.

Our Mission

Permanently supporting the Hospital through inviting companies to participate in the donation programs, by engaging different sectors of the society to offer high quality, free medical services to sick children.


To provide a stable source of income from other sectors of the society to share in the cost of treatment and medical services provided to children with cancer in 57357, through inviting the biggest possible number of national and international companies to become permanent partners for the Hospital in the pound and other programs.

Outreaching and presenting programs to partners

The public and private sector companies are committed to supporting the most vulnerable in the community as part of their responsibilities besides the other activities they engage in to reach their goals. Companies are committed to their social responsibilities and address society’s important issues such as education, sustainable development, health, scientific research and social solidarity.

Hence, the companies outreach department works on enabling programs and projects through which we can meet the companies’ interests in providing support to the community and at the same time fulfilling 57357’s social responsibilities.

Cooperation schemes available through the companies outreach department

  1. The pound project.
  2. Vitamin D test campaign.
  3. Flu vaccination campaign.
  4. Awareness lectures for diseases causes, specially cancer, and prevention measures.
  5. Mutual cooperation protocols with the Hospital, including specific items in support of our children’s treatment journey.
  6. Supporting learning and development programs in the Hospital.

Donation programs:

  1. The pound project: it enables a factory or a company to participate in the program through deducting an amount of money, starting with one pound, from the employees’ salary on a noncompulsory basis.

  2. Matching grant: the company can choose to donate an amount equal to that donated by its employees.

  3. Specifying an amount to be deducted from a product’s price in favor of the Hospital, this deduction is valid for a specified period of time.

  4. Ongoing sadaka / charity trust in the name of the company, factory or the donating entity, the donor selects an area or an equipment to be named in return for a specified donation value, the name of the donor company or factory will be put on a plaque at the selected area/ equipment.

  5. Employees may participate in the ongoing sadaka, sponsorship or money zakat individually or as a group.

Detailed explanation of the above mentioned programs

A percentage of sales of a product

Your Company can deduct a simple percentage of sales of one or more of its popular products in The Egyptian Market and donate it to the Hospital. This can be publicized in your company’s advertising channels as well as 57357’s channels including press releases in newspapers and magazines and electronic messages and article on the website’s main page.

Participation of corporates and their employees in the naming opportunity program

On-going Sadaka at Hospital 57357 is linked to a familiar concept in fundraising titled Naming Opportunity which is the concept of honoring important people by naming areas or equipment or programs after them. At Hospital 57357, the donor selects an area or an equipment to be named in return for a specified donation value. In recognition and gratitude for his gift, the name of the donor (in this case the corporate) or any family member of his choice alive or deceased will be put on a plaque at the selected area/ equipment. A legal contract is signed with the donor to protect his rights with respect to the contract agreement for as long as the Hospital exists. Click here to know more about you the different kinds of On–Going Sadaka.

Participation of corporates and their employees in the “sponsor a sick child” program

The “Sponsor a sick child” program enables donors to cover treatment costs of patients over a long period of time including lab tests, imagery investigations, medicines, surgeries, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, rehabilitation programs….and others, which ensures delivering zakat money to cover a sick child treatment expenses. Participation in this program can be by paying a monthly or annual amount of money according to your desire.

This program is one of the fundraising programs that ensures the continuity of providing high quality up to date treatment to children similar to the one offered in world renowned hospitals in this field.

One-pound project

Employees are invited on a personal level to contribute to this humanitarian project that will benefit thousands of children with cancer. The pound project allows employees to donate a pound/$/€ or more from their monthly salary for a period of time. It is a voluntary project. The employee is asked to fill in “The Charity application Form” in which a specific donation amount and a time duration will be determined. The company will facilitate the efforts of its employees by issuing a collective check with their total donations. This contribution will help in establishing a monthly income to cover part of the needs of hospital 57357, from purchasing necessary equipment to participating in its running cost.

Matching Gift

The Matching Gift is a show of solidarity from the company to its employees thus supporting their philanthropic pursuit. The company matches the donations from its employees to the NGO of their choice. The collective donation is matched, or any suitable amount is offered on monthly basis.

The commitment for an ongoing contribution will ensure the success of our mission in offering optimum medical care for our children with cancer.