Important Projects to be Completed

Important projects to be completed to maintain the Hospital’s leading position as a pediatric oncology Hospital providing excellent comprehensive quality services free and to generate additional income through the exploitation of service surplus for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Despite the decline in donations, there are important projects the Hospital’s management is committed to complete, to enhance its healthcare and research capabilities, and to safeguard the Hospital’s standing and performance excellence. Through these projects, management also pursues to make available new sources of income to the Hospital, to help in covering exorbitant operating expenses, especially during the difficult global economic situation the country and the hospital are facing.

  • Proton therapy unit
  • Cyberknife unit
  • Landscape
  • Food court
  • Electricity and water stations and car parking – outpatient clinics building
  • Increasing the current Hospital’s electricity capacity
  • Expansion of BMT unit

Proton therapy unit

The philosophy behind the acquisition of the proton therapy stems from the far sighted vision of Hospital 57357 which relies on continuous development and progress to reach world survival rates. This is a radiotherapy treatment with protons which have the advantage over the conventional one with photons to produce minimal side effects and a higher degree of tumor ablation, hence protecting children from any complications that may affect life quality after recovery. This new therapy, the most advanced radiation therapy offered today will be available for adult patients, generating revenue for the hospital.

It will make 57357 a reference center for this treatment in the MENA area, which contributes to securing additional income for the Hospital to be used for the provision of quality services to its patients.

The cyberknife unit

Cyberknife is a radiotherapy technology that is successful in treating cancerous tumors with high precision, shorter treatment period and least side effects, where it guaranties preserving healthy tissues surrounding the tumor, especially if the tumor is deeply rooted in the body and adjacent to healthy tissues, consequently limiting side effects to the least. It contributes to realizing highest recovery rate for children and adults, with high precision which guaranties quality of life after recovery.

Having this technology in 57357 will make the Hospital a reference center for all hospitals, to transfer difficult cases to it, as it offers more efficient and safe treatment. It will contribute to treating the Hospital’s patients for free and treating patients from outside the Hospital for affordable prices which will be used to support the Hospital’s operating expenses, so we can continue offering the outstanding services to our patients.

It is noteworthy that the construction of the building that houses the Cyberknife equipment is completed and the unit is actually in operation since the month of August 2022.


The project aims to offer suitable places for patients’ families’ waiting within the Hospital premises and away from the main building. The project will also contribute to offering green areas and a healthy environment around the Hospital and the sick children.

Food court

To offer space for eating for patients’ families and employees, along with waiting areas and bathrooms which will contribute to alleviating pressure on the Hospital facilities, and enabling an additional source of income.

Electricity and water stations and car parking – outpatient clinics building

The project aims to provide the needs of electricity and water of the outpatient clinics building, proton therapy building, and car parking.

Increasing the current Hospital’s electricity capacity

The project aims to increase the capacity of the Hospital’s electricity station to cover the needs of the Hospital’s internal expansion projects

Expansion of BMT unit

Every new bed in the bone marrow transplantation unit means a second chance at life for a sick child

Within the framework of improving chances of cure and saving lives of more children, Hospital 57357 is currently pursuing to expand the BMT unit and increase the number of beds from 9 to 27.

BMT is a costly treatment and requires special care of the patient. It rekindles hope in saving a patient who is faced with relapses of the disease , after failure of traditional chemotherapy or radiotherapy, as it improves chances of cure.

With your donation for the BMT expansion, you can save a larger number of high risk tumor cases and grant them a chance at life.