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Treatment usually starts with a surgical operation aiming for complete removal of the tumor if possible or the maximum possible safe resection.

The neurosurgery department at 57357 has an amazing team of expert neurosurgeons which comprises 5 consultants and 21 specialists and fellows led by the renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Mohamed Elbeltagy. More than 1100 successful surgical interventions are being performed every year at 57357, with a success rate of 72% which augmented our experience in this field given the huge numbers of patients that we receive every year.

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Top-notch surgical equipment

 In addition to the outstanding skills of our neurosurgeons, such success is also attributed to the implementation of up-to-date technologies and devices for these interventions, such as the intra-operative MRI and ultrasound, surgical microscope, neuro-monitoring and neuro-navigation systems which allow for accurately defining the tumor location while delineating the track of neural plexus responsible for essential functions like speech, vision and memory and indicating their relation to the tumor. These advanced technologies permit the conduction of highly sophisticated and challenging surgeries to remove tumors from very critical areas of the brain while protecting vital structures and brain centers to achieve a complete resection of the tumor which is the most important factor for cure.