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Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology has long been used in the treatment of children with different types of brain tumors, and in CCHE-57357, the radiation oncology department is one of the best pediatric radiation oncology services in the MENA region in terms of equipment, infrastructure and staff. The department uses the latest radiotherapy techniques and applies the latest international protocols and the highest quality standards in order to provide the best caring for our patients, to reach international cure rates.

Thisradiation oncology department has a highly-qualified team of expert clinicians and physicists led by Professor Dr. Mohamed Saad Zaghloul and a group of distinguished professors of radiation oncology. This team includes 5 consultants, 6 specialists, 3 residents, 8 medical physicists besides technicians and nurses. The role of medical physicists is not only restricted to dose calculations and planning but also include quality assurance for utilized equipment.

Radiation Oncology

State-of-the Art radiation equipment

The Radiation Oncology department has two linear accelerator machines that offer precision irradiation treatment such as 3D-RT, IMRT, VMAT & SBRT. Also, there is IGRT with CBCT serving the two linear accelerators with one CT simulation and one MRI simulation.