Anesthesia and Pain Management


  • The department of Anesthesiology, Pain management and Surgical Critical Care at Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt provides state- of- the art services to Pediatric patients and families. We utilizes the most recent equipment and techniques to provide safe and skilled perioperative anesthesia care, postoperative critical care and pain management.

  • Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, anesthesia technicians, and pain nurse specialists has the responsibility of providing leadership in the discipline of pediatric anesthesia for oncology patients and pain management techniques to minimize their suffering.

  • Our team is working 24/7 with the goal of providing highest possible standards of safety and effective services tailoring the equipment and protocols we use to children’s unique needs.

    • Our Anesthesiology Service is responsible for all forms of anesthesia administered for both inpatient and outpatient procedures. This includes patients who are receiving treatment in the main operating theatres or those receiving radiation oncology, diagnostic radiology services and other remote anesthetizing locations. We also play an active role in all preoperative patient preparation. Our service is coordinated with other related departments or services of the health care facility for the overall proper management of patients.

    • Our Critical Care Unit Services is directed for patients undergoing major and ultra-major surgeries in their perioperative periods in collaboration with other related clinical departments. Our Surgical Critical Care Unit delivers a highest possible effective services with the ultimate goal of preventing the perioperative morbidity and mortality for our critical cases.

    • Our Pain services provides a comprehensive range of services dealing with acute or chronic pain problems. We offer the most advanced currently available treatment options. Our team combines the expertise of our trained physicians with the interdisciplinary team of pain nurse specialists and specialized pharmacists all together provide a compassionate environment to address and tailor a specific treatment plan for each patient.
    • Pre-anesthetic evaluation and treatment
    • Anesthesia (General /regional/ Local) & deep sedation
    • Acute and Chronic Pain Management
    • Postoperative Anesthesia Care
    • Perioperative Critical Care
    • Anesthesia Management Outside OR
    • Code Blue Team