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The biobank core facility at CCHE provides human tissue and biofluids samples to researchers, and MSC or PHD candidates with the goal of facilitating research to better understand the cause of disease and to help, improve diagnostic tools, and develop more effective treatment for pediatric cancer patients.

  • Collection and processing of Plasma, Serum, Buffy coat, cryopreserved cells and frozen cell pellets specimens.
  • Collection and processing of CSF specimens.
  • Collection and banking of tissues specimens.
  • Collection and banking of microorganisms specimens.
  • Providing a DNA and RNA specimens.
  • Providing de-identified clinical data.

  1. Freezers -80 C
  2. Provides the optimum temperature for long term storage of Plasma, Serum and CSF specimens.

  3. Liquid N2 tank (-196 C)
  4. The appliance is intended for cryopreservation of various type of biological specimens such as tissue and cryopreserved cells.

  5. Ultra low chest freezer -140 C
  6. Provides the suitable environment for microorganisms specimens.

  7. Tissue Lyser (Qiagen)
  8. Disrupts multiple biological tissue samples through high-speed shaking in a plastic tube with stainless steel, tungsten carbide, or glass beads.

  9. Automated cell counter
  10. Automatically Accurate Cell Counting & Viability Analysis.