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The Biorepository and Biospecimen Research Unit at CCHE 57357 is serving CCHE researchers and collaborators by providing high quality specimen for research annotated with the clinical data. The samples are collected, processed are stored according to the best guidelines for sample handling and storage. Our recruitment and enrollment team is responsible for the consent forms and making sure we follow all the ethical guidelines and approvals from IRB. We collect blood samples and other samples for research purposes like tissue, CSF. Our processing team uses approved standard operating procedure (SOPs) to fractionate blood to serum, plasma and buffy coat which are available for request and check out. We also provide DNA and RNA extraction from blood and tissue samples. Furthermore, we have a section for collecting and preserving pathogens for researchers. All our specimens are linked with the clinical data. Samples are released de-identified or identified based on IRB approval. If your collection is not within the scope of the samples we routinely collect, we can still adapt to collect the samples for the specific project.