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Blood Donation Center

Safety and Quality Standards

Vein-To-Vein Transfusion

The blood transfusion journey from donor to patient starts by selecting the appropriate donor to and ensure his health safety and his ability to donate. This is followed by complete tests to guaranty the blood safety, including viruses’ tests (HIV, HCV, HBs Ag & TPHA) and DNA test to detect viruses during incubation period, consequently guarantying complete safety of blood and components. Antibodies testing of the blood bag (donor) is done. Afterwards suitable blood is selected and transfused to patient after matching blood type and conducting required compatibility tests between the blood bag and the patient.

All department operations and procedures are subject to monitoring and supervision of the Hospital’s quality control and Infection control departments. Policies and procedures are reviewed regularly to comply with international standards required by the Joint Commission International accreditation body JCI and the American Association of Blood Banks AABB.