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Clinical Research

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Epidemiology and Biostatistics Section

We succeeded in:

  • Building an epidemiologic research infrastructure through designing cancer specific tools for collecting of epidemiologic exposures as well as establishing and maintaining an electronic database for future research.

  • Collecting information on potential risk factors that have been associated with an increased risk of childhood cancers.

  • Initiating a project for accrual of population-based control for a large epidemiologic study on the role of environmental and parental occupational risk factors in pediatric cancer.

  • Establishing and maintaining an institutional cancer registry.

  • Offering a capacity planning project using decision analytic modeling and we provide research services including consultations for study design, sample size calculations and statistical analysis.

Training & internship:

  • We offer training on basics of epidemiology and statistical reasoning to oncology fellows and residents, pharmacy residents, PharmD students and preceptors and nurses.

  • We offer courses in pharmacoeconomic and building of decision analytic models using R software.

  • We offer assistance to researchers with their research projects from conception to publication.