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Continuous Education & Development

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Continuous Education & Development

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE) 57357 is no longer merely the successful hospital that opened in 2007; it has become an integrated multi-faceted knowledge-based facility providing free cancer care to patients and their families.

The transition from physician-centered healthcare delivery to an integrated team-based approach, placed a greater focus on staff and allied health professionals as they play a vital role in the industry. CCHE 57357 strategy focuses on three main pillars; namely, quality healthcare, novel research and smart education.

The Continuous Education & Outreach Department provides a sustainable platform for international knowledge transfer and innovative hands-on-training; hence, delivering to the market agents to fuel the medical and cultural change needed to ensure the provision of quality healthcare services for children across the region.

To achieve this, the Continuous Education Department collaborated with national and international entities to develop medical and non-medical programs, utilizing the “transformative learning” approach which aims at developing leadership attributes to healthcare professionals in order to create enlightened change agents and innovators. Moreover, we provide short term training courses in collaboration with international bodies as well as training and internships in different disciplines of pediatric oncology, clinical pharmacy, nursing, nutrition, infection control and much more.

Our Continuous Education Management professionals set the structural parameters, improvement plans and provide the necessary support to ensure and maintain a high quality of educational and training programs. Furthermore, in order to keep coping up with the world’s trend of moving educational courses to online learning, CCHE 57357 established the division of Digital Learning. Our talented team of experts develop interactive online practices customized to learners’ needs. We develop e-courses and assessment tools with interactive elements, animated graphics, scenarios and inquiry-based instruction. Our online courses are characterized by personalized, technology-supported, student-centered learning experiences.