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Continuous Performance Improvement Department

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Quality is work perfection, according to profit Mohamed, “God loves if one of you does a job that he masters it”, and health institutions in particular need a special type of quality to protect patients and staff, be it the medical team, nursing or employees, to safeguard them from infection. The quality unit’s role is to ensure that everyone is doing his assigned tasks perfectly, with no probability of mistakes, which is the concept we are all abiding with.

Establishment history

The quality department is one of the departments that was planned for since the Hospital was just an idea, as the success of any health institution depends on the extent to which it applies quality standards and requirements. These standards must be observed since the planning and construction phases, which enables the institution to work with utmost professionalism. As such, at Hospital 57357, they planned very early on to set up the quality department which eventually became continuous performance improvement department, aiming to provide the best free medical quality care to children, according to local and world standards with the most cost-effective manner which would enable the treating of the biggest number of patients with the highest degree of quality and efficacy.