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When to Go to the Emergency Room?

The patient should go for emergency in these situations:

  • Increase in body temperature.
  • Inflammation in the oral cavity.
  • Marked skin infection or discoloration.
  • Pallor.
  • Yellowish discoloration of skin and eye.
  • Frequent defecation of more than 3 motions of fluid stools.
  • Significant persistent abdominal pain.
  • Persistent uncontrolled vomiting.
  • Inability to pass urine.
  • Significant decrease in urine.
  • Pain while passing urine.
  • Red-colored urine.
  • Difficult breathing.
  • Suffocation.
  • Persistent uncontrolled cough.
  • Foreign body inhalation.
  • Severe headache.
  • Acute inability to walk or weakness of limb.
  • Convulsions or abnormal movement.
  • Acute Disorientation.
  • Acute disturbed level of consciousness.
  • Sudden loss of consciousness.
  • Severe uncontrolled pain (dental, bony).
  • Acute active bleeding (bleeding from nose or gums or vomitus or cough blood).
  • Any fracture or trauma.
  • Wound infection.