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Genomics Unit

Program Overview

Research Scope

The genomics unit is an in-house laboratory presently focusing on metagenomics and epigenetics research within Hospital 57357’s research department. Our unit is the first of its kind in Egypt, prepared with a full pipeline of equipment to support research in various disciplines such as whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, microbiome profiling, RNA sequencing and other disciplines. We are a team of highly trained and skilled professionals from diverse scientific backgrounds, geneticists, microbiologists, bioinformaticians and pharmacists that come together to form this unit.

Research Theme

We are granted a special privilege over any lab across Egypt with:

  • Studying the genetic component of the disease under different circumstances to understand the cancer pathophysiology and identify clinical markers that can be used for earlier detection.
  • Examining how patients with different genetic or epigenetic variance are responding differently to the same chemotherapeutic agents administered.
  • Extending this research into clinical use to pave way to what is today known as pharmacogenomics or personalized medicine.
  • From a clinical perspective, established cancer variants are further tested in cancer panels to confirm diagnosis of certain cancers.

And we are paving the way for translational medical research.