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Health Economics & Value Unit

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“In the next decade, need and demand for healthcare services will increase by at least 20 % so what can we do?” A question Professor Sir Muir Gray – an internationally renowned authority on healthcare systems and a professor at the University of Oxford– asked at the beginning of his presentation during The Healthcare Value Short Course that was held at The Children’s Cancer Hospital – Egypt 57357 (CCHE). The one answer to this question is “by making the best use out of the available limited resources” which is the main objective of health economics, this branch of economy is considered the latest trend in healthcare worldwide owing to the continuous rise in healthcare demand and the unmet (uncompensated) growth in resources.

Health Economics and Value Unit (HEVU) at 57357 Hospital mainly focuses on maximizing the value of all the available resources which is done by; first, assuring that any intervention at CCHE-57357 will benefit all the children through their journey in battling cancer; and second, reducing waste in consuming resources through implementing guidelines and polices that guarantees the optimal use of these resources to secure their sustainability in the future.

The Health Economics Unit is affiliated to the COO office, under direct supervision of Dr. Wael Eweida – COO

The Health Economics and Value Unit was established at the Children’s cancer Hospital 57357 – Egypt (CCHE) in 2016, under the COO office, Dr. Wael Eweida. Our aim is to contribute to promoting the delivery of health care services at CCHE and all over Egypt, through applying health economic principles and tools. This can be achieved based on three pillars; translating theory into practice, capacity building and innovative implementation to achieve the IHI triple aim of better care, improving health and lower costs.

Source: IHI Triple Aim Initiative
  1. Contribute to the design and evaluation of health systems.
  2. Improve costing and financing of health services.
  3. Optimize resource utilization in health care.
  4. Promote health outcomes in an efficient manner.
  5. Conduct economic analysis to inform evidence-based decisions.
  • Promoting value-based healthcare for children with cancer at CCHE through improving health outcomes and resource utilization.

  • Developing Activity-based Costing and pricing for hospital services/activities under each cost center within the hospital departments.

  • Working on Big Data analysis for trends in patients’ survival outcomes, hospital expenditures, and length of stay, per childhood cancer diagnosis.

  • Developing hospital efficiency measures to optimize the allocation and use of resources and reduce waste.

  • Monitoring and evaluating Service Surplus of different hospital departments through data management and applying health economic tools.

  • Conducting health economic evaluation for new hospital innovations, equipment and devices with Returns on Investment (ROI) analysis.