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Immunology Research Program

About Department

Immunology Research Program is part of the basic research unit at the Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt- 57357. The lab is structured and equipped to meet the needs of top notch translational research centers in Cancer Immunology field. In general, the Program aims to further understand the pathogenesis of cancer and discover new therapeutic approaches and strategies.

The program mainly investigates the dynamics of the triangle of cancer, immune surveillance and microbiome in humans to provide a novel tactic in understanding tumor pathogenesis and potential therapeutic intervention. Although the three topics of the triangle are widely investigated and create a huge interest in the medical and research arenas, linking the three topics represent a unique edge and high potential approach for Cancer therapies. Immunology research program at 57357 CCHE is among the pioneers to explore these aspects in an integrative scheme with precisely selected and focused molecular and biomedical engineering tools.