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Infection Control


Infection control is a terminology indicating preventive measures against infection related to hospital settings. Since its inception, CCHE-57357 administration was keen to apply evidence based practices in this regard to prevent the spreading of infection between patients and in operating rooms. Hence it established a specialized department that works 24/7, to monitor the general situation and set up mechanisms that would not just prevent the spread of infection but prevent its occurrence. The concept of infection control in a general sense appeared for the first time in Egypt in Ain Shams University in the late eighties. Dr. Nagwa Khamis, presently head of 57357’s infection control department, has currently established the department under the supervision of late Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Khalil, as the first integrated infection control department whose role goes beyond the application of a group of simple measures.

CHHE-57357 is targeting preventing infection basically as prevention is more important than controlling. The Hospital succeeded to reach this target, more over it presented its experience in one of the most important conferences in this field in Canada. (Joined IFIC/IPAC Canada 2019 and SF2H 2021 France).


The infection control department’s philosophy stipulates that is it is not acceptable for a patient, visitor or one of the work team to contract any infection inside the Hospital, accordingly all work procedures and policies must be at the service of this philosophy.


  • Offering the best quality care for patients and working team.
  • Working on making infection control measures more applicable.
  • Making available necessary supplies for applying infection control measures.
  • Being committed to immediately report any problems or obstacles that would prevent the optimum application of infection control program.