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Inpatient Unit

  • 19057
  • (202) 25351500


  • The inpatient department in the main building extends over five floors and includes 150 equipped rooms with 210 beds.
  • It contains 8 rooms for air isolation cases (negative air pressure).
  • Each floor is divided into 3 domes (A.B.C)

The inpatient department is designed to include the following:

  • Playrooms.
  • Specialized pharmacies for medication.
  • Rooms for internal supervision and cleaning services.
  • Rooms for receiving and preserving medications.
  • An office for patient relations to receive accompanying family members’ complaints.

The inpatient department is characterized by offering unique services, including:

  • Psychological support: through the psychologist’s rounds.
  • Entertainment support is provided through the volunteer department and the art therapy workshop.
  • Social support: through the social worker’s rounds, studying social problems and working on solving them.
  • Spiritual support: through the rounds of men of religion (Moslem and Christian).
  • Educational support is provided through the volunteer department and a specialized one.
  • Educational setting (in hospital school) is specified to enable patients to pursue their studies during treatment.
  • Nutritional education: through the nutrition specialist’s rounds.