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In 57357’s Neurosurgery department: 1016 surgeries and 5 research papers were carried out during 2021.

Latest world equipment and success rate of 73% for malignant tumors and 97% for benign tumors.

Egypt is witnessing great developments in the field of Neurosurgeries. Hospital 57357 is one of the largest international centers in terms of number of Neurosurgeries performed for children annually. The 57357’s Neurosurgery department is realizing great accomplishments in terms of success rate of complicated Neurosurgery. Starting January 2021 up till October 2021, 1016 Neurosurgeries have been performed with a success rate of 73% for malignant tumors and 97% for benign tumors.

Dr. Mohamed Elbeltagy, head of the Neurosurgery Department at Hospital 57357 and founder of the African Association for pediatric neuro-oncology, revealed that the Hospital adopts latest technology in brain tumor surgeries. New surgeries are performed using sonar technology along with surgical navigator combined with MRI for brain functions, to show Neural tracts and its relation to the tumor, aiming to safeguard motion and speech centers during the surgery.

On another front, papers and articles have been published in international Journal and journals which are considered the most renowned in the field of pediatric neurosurgery.

Among the most important papers, a research about suggesting a new way to perform Craniopharyngioma tumor surgery where Hospital 57357 is the largest center in the world in terms of carried out surgeries of this type. The research was published in “Child’s nervous system” Journal, which is the most important international Journal in pediatric neurology.

Another research about using the endoscope together with the microscope to remove complex brain tumors in children was published in “Focus Neurosurgery” which is a very effective American Journal in the field.

A third research about benign focal brain stem tumors without or with the least complications and using latest techniques was published in “Child’s nervous system” Journal, while the fourth and fifth researches are still in the publishing processes.

Within the framework of 57357’s leading role in the field of training and transfer of expertise, Dr. Elbeltagy shared as an instructor in a training course in Germany last August, to train doctors on endoscopic skull based surgeries in Griefswald University.

He also shared in a training workshop for doctors under the patronage of the federal association of neurology endoscopy in Moscow, Russia.

Dr. Elbeltagy shares that recent world developments the field of brain tumors surgeries focus on decreasing tumor removal complications, to improve the life quality of children. Within this framework, the latest treatment of Craniopha ryngioma targets to remove the biggest possible part of the tumor while leaving a part between 1cm and 1.5 cm to deal with it by radiotherapy after the surgery. During the last few years, 57357 started to adopt this technique which contributed to improving the results and eliminating dangerous side effects that may affect the child’s future.