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Hospital 57357’s Neuro-surgery department is the major treatment center for childhood brain tumors (most common pediatric solid tumor) throughout Egypt and the surrounding region recording a 71.4 % over-all survival rate. In fact, it has become the only referral center for the most difficult cases of brain and nervous system tumors and as a result gaining a solid reputation in this challenging field.

This would not have been possible without 57357’s professional, highly trained, and passionate neuro-oncology team and its acquisition of cutting-edge technology in care delivery including the latest versions of the intra-operative MRI.

Image-guided systems, including intra-operative MRI have become essential neurosurgery intra-operative tools in recent years, especially in pediatric neurosurgery where positive patient outcome often depends on the extent of tumor removal.

More than 20% of pediatric tumors are tumors either arising or spreading to the central nervous system. Neurosurgical procedures are fundamental for their diagnosis and treatment. For this reason, we have subspecialized surgeons who are dedicated to the performance of such procedures.

The Neurosurgery department accepts 7 to 10 new brain tumor cases on a daily basis. Around 700 to 800 cases are being operated per year.

Our Surgeons are working in partnership with other physicians from different specialties to provide a full range of advanced treatment options for both brain and spine tumors.

Our goal is to provide hope in cure for our pediatric population, maximizing their chances of survival with an optimum quality of life. In addition, we serve as a sound resource for consultation to Africa and the Middle east, from which we accept cases, consultations and trainees.

Hospital 57357 aims to expand its expertise in pediatric neuro-surgery by continuously developing its neuro-sciences department which already enjoys a competitive edge in research, being able to produce results from a large population size. All this would ultimately enable the Hospital to position itself on the world map as a leading center in this particular field.