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Orthopedic Oncology


The Orthopedic oncology unit at CCHE 57357 is the first unit in Egypt and the Middle East to be specialized in the treatment of bone and soft-tissue tumors diagnosed at a very young age, specifically children less than 10 years. The pediatric age group most commonly treated tumors are Ewing sarcoma and Osteosarcoma.

Our goal is the preservation of life and limbs of our patients. Reconstruction of limbs in this young age group of patients requires a great deal of experience, patience and last but not least great support for parents and child by all multidisciplinary team members including orthopedic surgeons, medical oncologist, pathologist, radiologist, radiotherapist, psychologist and specialized nursing staff .

The challenge in limb salvage surgery in children not only lies in complexity of removing long segments of bone but also in removing the growing part of the bone. Our goal is to restore proper function and length of the limb of these children so they can lead an active and successful life in the society. We use latest advanced technology and experience in microvascular surgery, growing prosthesis, bone grafts and bone lengthening procedures.

The orthopedic oncology unit is located in the main hospital building and consists of 2 outpatient clinic rooms, one operating theatre room and 6 inpatient beds. The staff include a group of university staff members and registrars as well as specialized nurses that work in harmony to provide patients with best care possible.