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Protocol Monitoring

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Standard treatment protocols monitoring and development unit was established in 2008 with the aim of supporting evidence-based medicine and treatment protocols. Our team coordinates the activity of multidisciplinary teams responsible for monitoring and ensuring that all patients are treated according to standard protocols.

We have succeeded in:

  • Building a big online structured, secured and analyzable database that include all patient’s data throughout their treatment journey and after follow up that could support any clinical decision or research project.

  • Monitoring all patients on standard treatment protocols to ensure that all patients are treated properly.

  • Developing a central repository for protocols to prevent using outdated versions of protocols.

  • Initiating and Developing Hospital’s antibiogram data base and building febrile neutropenic registry.
    • The hospital antibiogram is a periodic summary of antimicrobial susceptibilities of local bacterial isolates submitted to the hospital's clinical microbiology laboratory.
    • Antibiograms are often used by clinicians to assess local susceptibility rates, as an aid in selecting empiric antibiotic therapy and in monitoring resistance trends over time within an institution.
    • Building febrile neutropenic registry which helps to determine the magnitude of the documented infections whether microbiologically or clinically as well as fever of unknown origin which eventually will indicate where we stand (as compared to) international peers.

  • Antimicrobial Stewardship program: It’s a hospital based program monitored by the infectious diseases unit in collaboration with clinical research team, its objective is to achieve the proper use of antibiotic and improving overall antibiotic practice in CCHE which will reflect on maximizing patient outcomes, having an impact on antibiotic resistance and cost reduction.