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Radiation Oncology


The department of Radiation Oncology at the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt practices the latest techniques in modern radiotherapy. Our team aims to carefully follow all procedures to deliver the best care to our patients, to reach together with all existing departments to equivalent cure rates to that in the developed countries.

Our department is located in the ground floor. Clinics and doctors work in the workstation for planning from 8 am to 4 pm while working on the machines (the two linear accelerators) for daily treatment sessions extends till finishing all patients under treatment.


Following our goal to provide the best care for our children, we strive to achieve the international standards of care. This is accomplished by applying the quality assurance measurements required throughout all procedures prior to and during the patients’ treatment course. In efforts to achieve this, we maintain an inclining curve to our knowledge of the latest protocols and technologies.

Scope of Services

Our team consists of Doctors, medical physicists, radiation therapists, nurses, and front desk specialists. The team works together to provide their best care. In the department of radiation oncology, we offer external beam radiation therapy. We strive to provide and maintain international standards and, therefore, we constantly update our systems and devices used. Patients are simulated and treatment plans are carefully and precisely generated to achieve the optimum results.

Immobilization devices (fixation tools) are used to reproduce the position needed on a daily basis. This is important as the purpose of radiation therapy is to deliver high doses to malignant cells while sparing normal tissue cells. Our physicists not only generate the treatment plan and do dose verifications, but are responsible for the quality assurance of the machines used and the techniques delivered. There are checks done on daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Moreover, our therapists begin by simulating the patient, after the treatment plans are completed patients return to the therapists for their daily treatments. Patient identifications are practiced and setup verifications are used as part of the quality assurance measures we follow. All patients are seen on a weekly basis by our staff doctors during their course of treatment, and then for follow-up visits after they complete treatments.