Surgical Oncology

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Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Surgical Oncology department of 57357 Pediatric Oncology Hospital, a leading Pediatric Surgical Practice in Egypt and Middle East. Our surgeons are dedicated to the care of children, providing expert and compassionate surgical care for infants, children, and adolescents with Cancer.

As the largest specialized Hospital for pediatric oncology in the world (300 beds), our Pediatric Surgical practice provides a wide variety of surgical procedures as well as inpatient and outpatient clinical care, in addition to training and conducting clinical research.

Here in 57357, the surgeons together with our excellent staff, we consider every patient a unique case and we are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for our patients and their families. We focus exclusively on cancer; we see cases of every kind. We treat rare types of cancers everyday more than any other physicians do in a lifetime; so the patient would receive expert care no matter the diagnosis is.

What is Surgery for Pediatric Cancer?

Surgery in pediatric cancers is a specialized area of oncology that engages surgeons in the cure and management of cancer.

Children diagnosed with tumors require surgical interventions varying from minor procedures such as biopsy to major surgeries treating challenging cases such as liver primary tumors, bilateral kidney tumors, lung metastatectomies and head and neck tumors.

The management strategy is decided through multi-disciplinary meetings, where all the treating specialties gather to decide on a management plan. These meetings are held once a week and attended by heads of the departments of Pediatric oncology, Pediatric surgical oncology, Radio-diagnosis, clinical pathology and Radiotherapy.

Every patient case is discussed individually to decide the treatment approach that would best suit the patient in accordance with international guidelines. This multi modal approach is responsible for achieving the present average over-all survivals of 75-80%.

In addition to complex surgeries, surgeons play important role participating in activities dedicated to cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation; and to assume a productive role in cancer research and lead cancer studies. Also, prophylactic surgeries such as colectomy and thyroidectomy.