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The mother: 57357’s bone marrow transplantation  saved Ahmed’s life The treatment journey lasts three years, and many children are waiting for the expansion of the unit .

When we were admitted to 57357 we felt as  though we were in a different world. nobody can feel what we were going through except those who had a similar experience with their child. You are surrounded by sick children, families in greater distress than their children, doctors and nurses exerting utmost efforts to alleviate their pains, strict and efficient operating system, cleanliness, most up to date equipment.Quality comprehensive care and services provided completely for free:a new world that God made available for us.

We are coming from Alsharkeya. my son Ahmed is 7 years old. The disease attacked him 3 years ago, and yet his treatment journey is still ongoing, but thanks be to God we didn’t pay any money.

The symptoms of the disease appeared suddenly when we noticed that he was not able to walk properly. He started to crawl again. We took him to an orthopedic and an internal medicine doctor but they couldn’t diagnose him. When he got more sick we went to Alheinia Hospital where the doctor said his condition is complicated, and requested x-rays and blood tests. We couldn’t believe him and we took Ahmed to a private pediatrician who requested a CT, after which he advised us to go immediately to 57357 because, as he said, Ahmed had cancer, and might need bone marrow transplantation, BMT. We were shocked and we took him to 57357 who put him on a waiting list. We envisaged selling our house to treat him on our expenses. But doctors told us that the cost is high and we would not be able to afford it. We were enrolled on the waiting list for 10 days. They passed as though they were 10 years, but finally we were admitted and Ahmed started the treatment journey.

Doctors said that he has neuroblastoma, or a tumor above the kidney. Despite the severity of his condition, we felt he was safe as we saw how each and everyone around us was concerned and devoted. From the start, they determined the treatment plan and explained it to us: 6 intensive chemotherapy sessions then assessment of his condition, followed by 6 mild chemotherapy sessions after which he would be needing a BMT. The only problem that faced us is that the BMT list is long, and the number of beds in the unit are limited. We waited for 10 months, and last month he had an autologous transplantation. Thanks be to God, he is improving. We are thanking God day and night for Hospital 57357, and Ahmed’s successful bone marrow transplant. The Hospital is currently expanding the BMT unit to be able to save more children. I am praying to God to see Ahmed walking and playing as before. May God grant healing to all children.

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