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You Can Contribute to the Treatment of a Child with Cancer

The 6 year old boy, Ahmed, came to the Hospital from New Damietta with his parents in January 2022. He was very sick with fever and high count of white blood cells. He was admitted to the Hospital when came his turn as tests confirmed that he had leukemia. Ahmed’s treating physician, pediatric oncology consultant, Dr. Hesham Monib,   decided immediately to put him on chemotherapy. Ahmed received the first and second dose of chemotherapy and he’s getting ready to receive the third one. Currently Ahmed is hospitalized due to his low immunity, and will pursue his chemotherapy doses as soon as he gets better.

“All my information about 57357 came from the ads”, shares Ahmed’s mother. “When he got sick the doctor and people around me advised me to take him to 57357, they said it’s the best place for treating your son. I never imagined to find that what I had seen in 57357 ads was actually the reality with respect to utmost cleanliness and quality care. When my son was admitted I was scared and desperate, but when we met Dr. Monib he quietly spoke with us about Ahmed’s condition and he gave us hope. He said that the treatment will take three years, and that we’ll start immediately. He reassured us saying that the cure rate is high in his case; as such, his father and I were relieved.

Before being sick Ahmed was an introvert, now he made friendships with everyone in the Hospital specially Ms. Shorouk, reveals Ahmed’s mother. He likes to go to the art therapy workshop to draw, color and play. 57357 is not just treating him, they changed him, he became a different person. He says; “I want to heal and become a pilot”. If people would come to see what 57357 is providing to our children they would acknowledge that every donated pound goes to the right place, adds Ahmed’s mother.

Ahmed’s treatment journey will last two years and half, and many children with leukemia, like him, are dreaming of defeating cancer. Your support is their only hope to realize their dreams of cure.

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