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Cost EGP 500000
Raised EGP 500000

You Can Contribute to the Treatment of a Child with Cancer

Hamza’s mother: my son is a child with special needs and 57357 rescued him from cancer and Coronavirus

I saved 50 pounds from house expenses and donated them to the Hospital

Our hero, Hamza, is 4 years old, and has been facing many ordeals since he was born. His family has come to terms with his condition and they have faith in his recovery.

Hamza has Down syndrome, which means he is a child with special needs. At the age of three he was attacked by leukemia. Six months ago he got Corona virus. Hamza, just as all of our children in 57357, is our responsibility since the day he was admitted in the Hospital, regardless of his condition or circumstances. At Hospital 57357, we believe that each patient must receive the best quality carewithout any kind of discrimination.

“Hamza is the youngest of my four children”, starts Shaimaa, his mother as she shares his story:  

Despite his condition, we noticed how smart he is. He likes to play and laugh, so we consider him thejoy bearer of the house. Despite our limited income, we could offer him speech training to enable him to express himself and be independent.  One day about a year ago, I noticed that his stomach was abnormally bloated and that he was in pain. I immediately took him to Aldemerdash hospital where they diagnosed him with leukemia. Our relatives and friends advised us to go to 57357. We took him there where he was immediately admitted and started treatment. 

I was scared because of his special condition, but we found out that the Hospital staff was experienced in dealing with children with special needs.

The treatment protocol started with 4 chemo doses, one dose each 5 days, after which he started a second stage of treatment which included injections in the spine. After that, he started getting better.Six months ago he got infected with Corona virus. In the beginning I thought he would receive Coronatreatment in another place, but I was happily surprised to find that 57357 was providing treatment for its patients with Corona. Hamza was admitted in the isolation department, recovered from Corona and returned back to cancer treatment and all of this was of course free of charge. 

I wanted to pay back the place that rescued my son. Despite our harsh circumstances, I saved 50 pounds from the house expenses and donated them to the Hospital. I was ashamed because it was a small amount but the staff who received my donation told me that any amount of money will helpthem to continue offering the best quality care to the children.

Dr. Mariam Alsherif told me that the treatment protocol is three years long out of which one year hasalready passed.

Hamza is still fighting cancer and needs your support. His family is patient, serene and are dreaming of his recovery

Your donation, no matter how modest it is, will help us save a child and restore hope and joy to his family.

The cost of Hamza’s treatment so far is:

The total cost is: 500,000 L.E

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