Jasmine Hussam
Cost EGP 366000
Raised EGP 236954

You Can Contribute to the Treatment of a Child with Cancer

Hi, I am reaching out to you from inside Hospital 57357 where I am being treated from cancer in the belly which was discovered this year. At first, the doctor prescribed 6 intensive chemotherapy sessions which I completed. I still have to take six more sessions of which I finished 2.

Remember me in your prayers: I am Jasmine Hossam, I am five years old and I love drawing and coloring. I have a dream of becoming a doctor as clever as the one treating me here so as to be able in turn to treat other children with cancer.

Help me during my treatment journey which is costing the Hospital up till now L.E.366,000.

  • Name: Jasmine Hussam
  • The Cost: 366000
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