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You Can Donate to the Treatment of a Child with Cancer

Our fighter, Jowirya from Marsa Matrouh, was admitted to 57357 in March 2020 and was diagnosed with bone cancer. Doctors prescribed 14 chemotherapy doses. She received part of the chemotherapy doses then had a surgery to amputate part of her right leg then she resumed her chemotherapy treatment.  Jowirya completed her treatment journey in 2021, where tests confirmed that she had improved, and she was moved to the follow up stage.

Testimonial of Jowirya’s mother: my daughter’s sickness was a big shock for me, but thank God for Hospital 57357, which offered my daughter the best treatment for free. When we were first admitted, I was scared and thought she won’t get better, But God’s mercy was above everything. Despite my deep pain to see her leg amputated, I am grateful to the Hospital which provided an artificial limb that was made especially for her. With it, she could stand on her two feet again like all girls of her age. She is able to laugh again. Presently, Jowirya goes to the Hospital for follow up, and the place she likes the most is the art therapy workshop where she draws and plays with her friends.

Jowirya is one of many 57357 patients, who, thanks to God and to your donations, are receiving treatment and have regained the ability to walk and move normally, and to realize their dreams of cure.

Donate your Zakat to sponsor artificial limbs for 57357’s children who have bone cancer, so that they regain hope in moving and living their lives normally.

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