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With encouraging words, Lana’s mother supports her, daily, to face her illness and accept her looks with good spirits. Behind each of our heroes there is a mother who absorbs the shock with courage, bears the burden of seeing her child in pain and faces with him hard times while praying for his healing. Today we are talking about Lana’s mother who helped her overcome her shyness after losing her hair.

We talked with Lana’s mother who said: “Lana is 7 years old, from Almenoufeya. She was admitted to 57357 in January, 2022 and was diagnosed with leukemia. I was shocked but the Hospital was a lifeline and a mercy from God. Dr. Ahmed Elmahdi, her treating consultant reassured me and said that she had a good chance of recovery. After admission and going through tests, she started chemotherapy. Thanks be to God she is now in her 40th week of treatment.

Lana was unable to walk because of severe pain in her legs. When she started treatment she got better every day. The Hospital offers her treatment and care that I can’t offer her. Their care about her psychological condition encouraged me to face with her the problem of accepting her looks after losing hair. I encouraged her go out on our home balcony without her cap, and gradually her friends in the street where we live accepted her new look and invited her to play with them. At school, I went with her to encourage her to face her schoolmates without the cap while her hair was very short. Her colleagues were shocked in the beginning, but they welcomed her and told her how pretty she was with short hair. Since then, Lana forgot about her fear of chemotherapy knowing that she would recover at the end. I used to invite people to come to see the Hospital saying that it deserves their support and donations as it offers world standards of services for free to all children equally. “What the Hospital offers does not just save children’s lives, it saves their families’ lives as well, Lana’s mother pursued.

Lana’s gift to her mother on mother’s day:

I love my mother a lot, and feel that she’s also my friend . Currently I am saving money to buy her a gift for mother’s day, though haven’t decided what to buy. I like to help her in the kitchen because I love her. I like 57357 and Dr. Elmahdi and I am not afraid of chemotherapy pain anymore, I’ll finish it shortly and will recover. I wish to become a flight attendant or a doctor and work with Dr. Elmahdi in 57357.

In Hospital 57357, many heroes bravely face cancer, and many mothers, despite their fear encourage their children to defeat the illness.  Happy mother’s day to each and every brave mother who is facing the dreadful disease with her child, and our prayers for healing for Lana and all her counterparts.

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