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Menna Hassan
Cost EGP 289000
Raised EGP 289000

You Can Contribute to the Treatment of a Child with Cancer

Menna pursues her treatment and have many dreams for her future

Our heroine, Menna Hassan, 17 years, is a pretty young girl from Alsharkeya. One year ago she had a different life and big dreams like any girl in her age, but cancer attacked her and changed her life. In the beginning she experienced severe pain in her shoulders and back andher neck got  swollen She was treated with pain killers but the symptoms and the pain increased. After x-rays and tests she was diagnosed with lymphoma.

She and her family were  shaken badly. The first stage of treatment was hard as she needed a complete year of chemotherapy. The care and support she received from her family, physicians, pharmacists and nurses in 57357 played an important role in her positive response to medication. She could bravely overcome the harsh chemotherapy period with all of its side effects.

“Thanks be to God, to my family and to my 57357 family, I was able to pursue my studiesbeside my treatment. I have successfully passed my  exams the last year and am getting ready to work for the high school certificate”, shared Menna

Menna used to ask her physicians about the details of her treatment, so she knew that her chemotherapy would continue for another year and half. She is confident that God will respond to her wish and her family’s prayers and grant her cure.

Menna is counting the days left to finish her chemotherapy. My only dream now is healing, afterwards, I shall have many other dreams, says Mena. 

Your donation, regardless of its amount, will help us realize Menna’s dream of cure

The cost of lymphoma treatment, so far, is: 289,000 EGP

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