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You Can Contribute to the Treatment of a Child with Cancer

Meet our patient Mohamed who is bravely fighting leukemia and dreaming to become a football pro Mohamed, the hero of our story is a 14 year old 57357 patient who is currently receiving treatment for blood cancer or leukemia. The boy who is among the top students of his class  strikes me as a very courageous patient  that is determined to overcome the disease and to realize his dream of becoming a professional football player.

Mohamed comes from Cairo and his main hobby is football. While playing a game at his club, he fell on his left leg which was injured and would not heal normally as any other game injury. So he went to an orthopedist who advised him to go to Hospital 57357 after running scans and tests which revealed that the boy had cancer.

Mohamed’s father reveals: When my son was admitted on a wheelchair in January 2022, he was in a terrible condition and was not able to walk. We were met by Dr. Rana Hamdy who took time to acquaint me with details of his condition. She set up the treatment protocol and soon after, Mohamed started chemo sessions. The pain in his leg started to subside which enabled him to get back on his feet. His morale was lifted up despite the hardships of chemo sessions and thanks be to God, his condition is improving. He takes his last chemo session on March 7th, God Willing, and I truly hope that by then lab results would be good and he would be starting the follow-up phase. This is my wish and prayer for Mohamed and each and every child in 57357. 

It so happens that today is our fighter’s birthday; I asked him about his wishes and how he was spending his time in the Hospital:

He answered: I wish to recover soon and to go back to playing football and becoming a pro. In 57357, I am spending time in the playroom which is equipped with play stations. I also spend time in the comfy and beautifully designed recreation center where I join many friends in painting and coloring activities. I have many friends at the Hospital namely Dr. Mohab in the daycare. At the Hospital, they take excellent care of me both physically and psychologically.

Happy Birthday Mohamed! Very soon, God Willing, we wish you to begin your follow up phase and to start on realizing all your dreams!

With your support, our children in Hospital 57357 who are fighting courageously and fiercely leukemia, will rekindle hopes in cure and restore their normal lives.   

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