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Rowaida, a 57357’s heroine who is fighting bone cancer, is celebrating her birthday and wishes recovery for the New Year

Rowaida is a 14 year old heroine who is bravely fighting bone cancer. She was admitted to 57357 a year and 5 months ago and was diagnosed with cancer in her right leg’s heel. She went through a surgery to remove the tumor, then she had chemotherapy doses. Currently she has completed her chemotherapy and has started the follow up stage.

Rowaida’s mother: whatever I do cannot pay back  Hospital 57357 for saving my daughter’s life. They offered her the best care and treatment and over and above the psychological care that helped her overcome the tough times during her chemotherapy journey. After the surgery, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Rahman, her treating doctor, nurses and everyone in the art therapy workshop formed a great support team  and helped her overcome her fears. They encouraged her to study and have her exams for grade 6 in the Hospital. She succeeded and made up for the year she missed because of her illness, and she started again to dream of becoming a doctor.

Rowaida: I am happy to celebrate my birthday with my mother back home, and my wish for this year is to fully recover, along with all my friends in 57357. Before I fell sick I used to dance ballet, but I stopped because of my illness. I hope I can return back to dancing. I want to share with you how much I like Hospital 57357, especially Mis Amany in the art therapy workshop, as she enabled me to regain self-confidence during the hardest times of the treatment. She gave me courage to go through the treatment as I used to go to the workshop while taking chemotherapy to paint and play with them.

Thanks to all the kind hearted people who support our children. Your donation makes a difference in their lives and with your support they pursue their treatment journey to realize their dreams of cure.

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