Sofian A. A.
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At Hospital 57357:

A Critical brain surgery to save Sofian’s life

Sofian’s Mom: the treatment journey is carrying on; we have started chemo sessions

Sofian did not live a normal babyhood; He did not get to play, smile or giggle and be happy like other babies

He is one year and a half old and spent half of this time in hospital beds going through disease pain, bitter medication and chemo sessions ordeal

Before he turned one year, he was struck with a strong fever. Like all mothers, I thought he had a bad cold and I started giving him an antipyretic. He started improving for only 2 days after which, the fever came back accompanied with bouts of throwing up. At this point, he was treated for an intestinal flu. His condition worsened and he started developing new symptoms including fainting, seizures, and eye squint.

Though beyond what he could afford, Sofian’s father, a maintenance technician took him to a pediatric specialist and bore the cost of a great deal of tests and scans required by the doctor. Examining the results, the pediatrician would say nothing but advised them to go straight away to Shebin El Kom Hospital.

Sofian’s Mom: We were terribly worried as we rushed to the hospital. There, we were shocked when the doctors told us that he had a brain tumor located in a very critical area. His condition was serious and he needed a very critical surgery and a long treatment journey. They advised us to go rapidly to Hospital 57357 which is renowned for its expertise in treating difficult cases of brain tumors in children.

She added: Despite the shock, we accepted what came our way, but we were concerned about the costs of treatment of this serious case.

We were relieved to discover that Sofian’s entire treatment journey is free of charge including his meals an those of his accompanying parent. No more worries about expenses; all what we had to do is to be there for our child.

As soon as Sofian was admitted, they inserted a shunt, and few days later he underwent a critical surgery to remove the tumor. He still needs to have chemotherapy sessions. He already took two. He is being closely monitored and we are all hopeful that he will recover and soon be back to his normal life. His sister Shams is praying for him and wishes to talk to the doctors about speeding up the recovery of her brother.

Sofian’s diagnosis: Anaplastic Ependymoma,

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