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You Can Donate to the Treatment of a Child with Cancer

Bone marrow transplantation, BMT, is considered hope in recovery for many patients. Yazan, a7 year old boy started his treatment journey at the end of 2019. He was admitted to 57357 and diagnosed with adrenal gland cancer. He started his journey with chemotherapy sessions followed by a surgery to remove the tumor then he continued chemotherapy. At this stage, tests showed that he needed a BMT. He went through the process after which though he was isolated for 30 days he never stopped smiling. He bravely bore his pains far from his parents until he finished the isolation period. Meanwhile he started radiotherapy. Currently he has completed his radiotherapy sessions and is coming closer to the end of his treatment and recovery.

Yazan’s mother shared with us: I knew 57357 from the ads, but when my son was admitted I was touched by particular aspects of this institution that I was not fully aware of just by watching their ads. I came into close contact with doctors and nurses and appreciated their efforts and extreme compassionate care for their patents. I also realized how well equipped with the latest devices this hospital is and how it is kept safe and clean for patients, families and staff. It was the peak of the Corona pandemic and I cannot forget when Dr. Yasser Youssef, the treating consultant, came to the Hospital during his time off to check on my son and to reassure me.

After what I have seen through my son’s experience in 57357,I would like to assure every donor to the Hospital that he or she has chosen the right place as it offers the best care to our children, may God reward you for your charitable action. I want to encourage each and every mother of a child who is receiving treatment in the Hospital and tell her to throw her burdens on God and put her trust in Him.

BMT is a process through which Hematopoietic stem cells are infused in the sick child’s body to replace the damaged ones. A child would need BMT if his bone marrow stopped releasing enough good cells. Many children in 57357 need your support to save their lives. Currently, the Hospital intends to increase the BMT rooms from 9 to 27, to be able to make real the dream of cure of many more children. Support our children and give them hope in a brighter future.

May God grant Yazan and all 57357’s children to reach the shores of cure.

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