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CCHE 57357 Pharmacy Short Courses- Intravenous- Critical Care Pharmacy Training

The overall emphasis of this 5-days course is the direct patient care roles of Emergency Medicine pharmacist. Through lectures, clinical-based scenarios and simulation activities, the course will teach pharmacists on the fundamentals of direct patient care at the ICU.
The course covers a range of topics including the role of role of critical care pharmacist; Critical care pharmacy services and workflow; role of pharmacist within the code blue team, common disease states and common medications in the ICU; management of infectious complications (Infections in immunocompromised, Hospital-Associated Pneumonia/Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia, CNS Infections, etc.), types of shock and electrolyte disturbances/Tumor Lysis Syndrome.
Case discussions covering selected topics are offered through Interactive sessionsAdditionally, participants get an opportunity to visit the ICU and observe the practice as well as, attend a simulation activity for a code blue. The course offers two workshops covering the basics of dose modification in critically ill patients and calculation of continuous infusion drugs.

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