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International Pharmacy Practice Residency

The program is a one-year program accredited by ASHP standards. The program is designed to train and develop advanced skills in pharmacy practice; teaching while increasing the resident's knowledge base through direct exposure.

The program covers six competency areas:

Practice Foundation Skills, Drug Information, Medication Policy, and Medication Safety, Practice Management and Leadership, Patient Care, Education of Others, Project Management.

The program commences by a 2-week orientation, after which residents start their rotations. The program comprises both required and elective rotations at various pharmacy departments. Required rotations cover dispensing pharmacy; IV admixture area; Chemotherapy/Infectious Diseases (Acute Care Ward), Internal Medicine/Surgery Ward; Ambulatory Care (Outpatient Clinic and Daycare & Multispecialty Clinics); Emergency Department, Drug Information Center; Medication Safety; and Personalized Medication Management Unit.

Elective rotations include but are not limited to Bone Marrow Transplantation; Nutrition; Infectious Diseases and Operation Room. Residents can select any elective area according to their specific interest. Additionally, residents get the chance to attend leadership meetings and scientific meetings including Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee, Combined Clinics and Patient Safety Committee.

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Program Coordinator

Sally Fikry; BSc. Pharm. E-mail: sally.fikry@57357 .org

Program Director