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Quality Management and Patient Safety Certificate Program

This JCI-accredited program is a nine-month certificate program, formed of five modules delivered over 3 semesters. The program combines didactic courses, offered by JCI consultants, together with experiential activities conducted at CCHE. Each semester comprises 6 didactic sessions (onsite full day courses), followed by one day/week of practical experiential activities at 57357 Children Cancer Hospital for a duration of eight weeks.

The didactic courses cover the following modules:

  • Principles of Quality Management and Patient Safety in Healthcare.
  • Data Collection in Performance Measurement and Quality Management and Data Analysis.
  • Fundamentals of Healthcare Improvement.
  • Patient Safety and Risk Management.
  • Healthcare Evaluation and Accreditation.

During the practicum sessions, participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice the following standards:

  • Practicum Session I (starts after end of module I and II): Accreditation road map; How to write policies and procedures; Project charter and improvement project prioritization; Governance and leadership; Access and continuity of care; Assessment of patients; Care of patients; Patients and family rights and education.

  • Practicum Session II (starts after end of module III and IV): Focus PDCA; Quality and patient safety standards; Anesthesia and surgical care; Management of information; Applied statistics (line graph, bar chart, pie chart and Pareto); Applied statistics (Control charts); Prevention and Control of Infection; How to select, monitor and control key performance indicators.

  • Practicum Session III (starts after end of module V): Staff qualification and education standards; Facility management and patient safety - 1st part; Facility management and Patient safety - 2nd part; Risk management (Sentinel events and near miss); Risk management (IOR, FMEA); Project presentation (three days); Medication management standard.

In addition to classroom didactic and practical sessions, participants have access to a huge library of learning material on JCI and 57357 learning management systems.

Participants will work individually or in selected groups on a capstone project with supervision from faculty and 57357 -faculty members. At the end of the third semester; each participant has to submit his/her project. This project is a mandatory requirement for completion of the program.

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