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Introduction to Proteomics & Protein Biology

This course introduces participants to the basic biology of proteins and proteomics. Proteomics is an advanced science that looks into the protein properties from a global perspective, i.e., not undertaking one protein at a time, but an entire set of proteins in the milieu.
The course covers the two major aspects of proteomics i.e., Gel-based Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics.
The Gel-based Proteomics covers different techniques; i.e. SDS-PAGE, 2-DE, 2D-DIGE etc., that had a major contribution in transition from protein chemistry to proteomics.
Mass Spectrometry, on the other hand, is an advanced analytical technique for accurate mass measurement.
In this latest module, we will discuss the basics of mass spectrometry, sample preparations, liquid chromatography, hybrid mass spectrometers and quantitative proteomics techniques such as iTRAQ, SILAC and TMT using mass spectrometry.
The course will also provide the basic knowledge about sample preparation, mass spectrometry workflow, different chromatography technologies and quantitative proteomics.
Importantly, the course emphasizes
discussions regarding both research and literature, and feedback on presentations.


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