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Introduction to Proteomics & Protein Biology

The goal of this course is to develop participants knowledge in the field of proteomics as well as, introduce them to the current trends within the protein technology and proteomics field. Additionally, the course aims at providing participants with the experience needed to interpret and present research. 
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of proteomics as a part of the evolutionary omics technology
  • Design, analyze, evaluate a proteomic experiment
  • Be familiar with liquid chromatography, mass spectrometer
  • Understand the difference between genome and proteome in terms of biology and complexity
  • Select the appropriate proteomics platform based on a given hypothetical biological question to be elucidated.
  • Acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in proteomics
  • Understanding how to identify proteins from mass spectrometry data
  • Understand the analysis of post-translational modifications and protein-protein interactions
  • Acquire on-hands experience with in-solution digestions, LC-ESI mass spectrometry and protein identification.

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