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Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the international pharmacy residency training programs at Children Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE). CCHE 57357 comprises the largest pediatric oncology center in the world, annually treating over 3000 newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Our residents participate in a well-rounded core curriculum with an excellent balance of ambulatory and inpatient experiences. They assume complete responsibility for the inpatient and outpatient care of their patients under the supervision of expert clinical pharmacists.

Residents receive training in dispensing pharmacy, IV admixture, clinical round, ICU, Ambulatory care, Multi-specialty clinics, Personalized Medication Management Unit, medication safety, leadership, education, infectious disease and supply chain.

We are committed to ensuring our residents have strong mentoring.  Through both clinical pharmacists and group mentoring, our residents receive guidance to reach their career goals.

Our graduates are well prepared to pursue careers as primary care practitioners and subspecialists. We are proud of what we offer at CCHE.

We wish you every success as your career unfolds.

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