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Program Goals and Objectives

The overall goals of the IPPR is to train a resident to be competent in the provision of pharmaceutical care and as an educator.

In the process of achieving these goals, we will pursue to accomplish the following:

  • To develop the resident's understanding and philosophy of pharmaceutical care so that with this conceptual base he/she will be able to contribute to the development of the profession.
  • To develop the resident's knowledge and appreciation of how other health care professionals approach patient care and their responsibilities so he/she work with them more effectively.
  • To develop the resident's communication skills so he/she may effectively manage patients by recognizing their needs and sensitivities.
  • To develop the resident's clinical expertise as a drug therapy specialist in his/her particular area of interest.
  • To develop the resident's teaching skills in both clinical and classroom settings for the education of pharmacy students and other health care professionals.
  • To provide exposure to the resident with various types of pharmacy services and drug delivery systems.
  • To provide the resident with opportunities to work on projects that could involve either program development or clinical research.

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