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R-for Researchers

Assuming unbiased experiment, researcher’s dilemma is circled in their limited capability to perform an appropriate data manipulation, biostatistical interpretation, and professional graphical presentation for their data. The course represents a simple walk around R program, data manipulation with R and how to use it for beginners. It is essential for all researchers for unbiased research analysis.
The course focuses on the yet, most powerful graphics package recommended by top leading journals such as Nature and Cell.
It gives you a hint on how to read and draw a logistic regression (S- shaped) curve also making Multivariate analysis test used to predict strong correlation pattern within dataset variables.
The course covers a multitude of topics including Introduction to R; Biostatistics with R; Basic graphics with R; Advanced graphics with R; Correlation and regression with R; Logistic regression with R; Principle component analysis with R; Receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve with R; Data manipulation with R.

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