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The International Workshop for Radiation Oncology in collaboration with Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society

The Pediatric Radiation Oncology Course in Egypt is covers a variety of different and complex fields in pediatric oncology.
Taking on the expertise of different experts in the field is a major component of the teaching course on pediatric radiation oncology co-organized by PROS (Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society) and Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 .
The rarity of childhood neoplasms and the complexity of their management due to several factors are putting high demands on the application of radiation therapy.
Speakers are oncologists and physicists specialized in different fields and treatment techniques of pediatric oncology.
The course is conducted over 3 days and includes plenary theoretical lessons, case discussions with the development of oncological plans including detailed radiotherapy approaches (target contouring) as well as, discussion of clinical cases in plenary sessions.

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