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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient and Family Rights
  • Hospital patients have the right to receive care, treatment, and services within the hospital according to the regulations and systems of the hospital at all times.
  • A hospital patient has the right to know the consultant and crew who will provide health and medical care.
  • A hospital patient has the right to be aware of his/her treatment plan and its various stages while staying in the hospital and when leaving.
  • The patient hospital has the right to participate in decision–making concerning the care, health services, and treatment, as well as consent to or refuse any intervention procedure and sign the dedicated consent form.
  • The patient’s hospital has the right to receive appropriate health care based on respect for the patient’s personal and family values, which align with their culture, religion, and personal values.
  • The hospital will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of medical information by the applicable laws and regulations.
  • In case the patient is involved in any medical research, he/she must be informed of all the benefits, risks, and alternative therapy, if any; the patient has the right to refuse to participate in a medical research project without affecting their rights in the continuation of treatment within the hospital.
  • The patient’s hospital has the right to complain about the service or care provided to him.

Patient and Family Responsibilities
  • The patient is responsible for providing correct and complete information about his history and any complications that could lead to lengthening the period of therapy.
  • The patient must follow the doctor’s advice and guidance during treatment.
  • Patients and their families must follow the hospital’s rules and health regulations regarding commitment to proper attire, public health infection control rules, and others.
  • The patient and his/her family consider the rights of other patients, other persons residing with them, and health service providers.
  • The patient and his/her family shall maintain the buildings and property of the hospital.
  • Patient and his/her family shall maintain your personal belongings, it’s only the individual responsibility, if they have lost.
  • The patient shall be accompanied regularly and cannot be left alone while he/she is staying in the hospital.